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Physics News

Vectors are important because they are the mathematical way to represent relationships involving position, velocity and acceleration of moving objects. If you want to model "real life" you need to work in three dimensions, and vectors take care of that. Knowledge of vectors is important because many quantities used in physics are vectors. If you try to add together vector quantities without taking into account their direction you'll get results that are incorrect.

THIS WEEK (10/24 - 10/28):

This week we will begin to look at vectors. We will understand that the order of vector placement does not affect the sum, and how to graphically draw vectors utilizing degrees and direction. We will see how vectors are a graphical representation of motion - we will find the resultant vector when given the x and y components as well as finding the x and y components from a resultant vector. We will also explore boat problems and understand how current affects the motion of a boat when traveling upstream or downstream


NEXT WEEK (10/31 - 11/4):

WThis week we will begin to look at projectile motion. We will recognize that the vertical and horizontal motions of a projectile are independent of each other. We will relate the height, time in the air, and initial vertical velocity of a projectile using its vertical motion, and then determine the range using the horizontal motion. We will see how the range of a projectile depends upon the acceleration due to gravity and upon both components of the initial velocity. The path a projectile takes, or its trajectory, is a curved path in the shape of a parabola.


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LAB: Acceleration Lab 2: Due The week of 10/24 on your lab day! (except period 3)