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Physics News

Kinematics is the study of HOW objects move. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in velocity. Velocity-Time graphs and Position-Time graphs are used to develop motion equations and an understanding of the concept of motion with constant acceleration.  You will develop descriptions of accelerated motion and you will use graphs and equations to solve problems involving moving objects. You will also describe the motion of objects in free fall.

THIS WEEK (9/26 - 9/30):

This week we will begin our focus on defining acceleration. We will take the definition of acceleration and use the equation for average acceleration in order to solve problems. We will then take a look of how the kinematic equations are derived and use them to solve constant acceleration problems. We will then take a graphical look at the motion of an object in order to better understand motion.




NEXT WEEK (10/3 - 10/7):

We will continue to look at motion with constant acceleration. After beginning to use the kinematic equations of motion last week in order to solve problems, we will continue to use them in order to solve certain unknowns. We know that objects accelerate down to Earth at a constant rate of -9.8m/s2 by the force we call gravity. We will use the gravitational constant in order to study free fall motion and solve problems involving objects that are in free fall.


Upcoming Tests/Quizzes/Labs

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LAB: Uniform Motion: - Due the week of 9/26 on your lab day!

QUIZ: Friday 9/30 - Acceleration 

TEST: Monday 9/26 - Velocity

LAB: Graphing Practice - Due the week of 10/3 on your lab day!