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Physics News

Without ways to describe and analyze motion, travel would be chaotic at best. This chapter introduces you to the idea of formally describing and analyzing motion. We will analyze motion using sketches, diagrams, graphs, and equations - which will help us to determine how fast and how far an object will move, whether it is speeding up or slowing down, or whether it is standing still or moving at a constant speed.

THIS WEEK (9/21 - 9/25):

This week we will begin our focus on defining a coordinate system to solve and analyze motion problems. We will differentiate between distance and displacement, discuss the importance of a reference point, and define position. We will begin to solve velocity problems, and recognize the relationship between motion graphs. We will also differentiate between average speed and instantaneous speed by analyzing motion graphs.



NEXT WEEK (9/28 - 10/2):

This week we will continue to analyze motion by using equations as well as using the graphical methods learned last week. We will also take a closer look at the slope of a line and what information it gives us as well as how the slope of a line tangent to a curve yields the instantaneous velocity for that moment. We will end our analysis of graphical motion by determining the total displacement an object travels using a velocity-time graph.


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QUIZ: MON 9/28: Velocity

TEST: MON 10/5: Velocity

LAB: Gathering and Analyzing Data: Due week of 9/28 on your LAB DAY (excludes per. 3)

LAB: Uniform Motion: Due week of 10/5 on your lab day! (excludes per. 8/9)