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Physics News

 Work and power describe how the external world changes the energy of a system. Work is the transfer of energy by mechanical means and is defined as the product of force and displacement in the direction of the force. Power is the amount of work done divided by the time needed to do the work, or the rate of doing work.

THIS WEEK (2/8 - 2/12):

This week we will begin to take a look at Work and Power. We will investigate that in order for work to be done in physics terms, a force must be applied and the object must move a distance. What must also be true for work to be done is that the force and displacement must be parallel to one another. If a force is applied at an angle, then we must take the cosine of the angle in order to get the correct component of force to calculate the amount of work done. We will then take the amount of work done on an object and calculate the amount of power exerted.



NEXT WEEK (2/15 - 2/19):

This week we will continue to work with work and power. We will solve problems by first determining if work is being done and then applying the information to the correct formula. We will also calculate the amount of power used by an object. We must remember the units for work and power, where work is measured in Newton-meters, which is equal to a Joule, and power is measured in watts.




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LAB: Student Power Lab: Due w/o 2/15 on your lab day (except period 1)!!!

QUIZ:  Work and Power - FRIDAY 2/19